If you want ideas and suggestions for using your TOPO, see our proposals below. And you still benefit from TOPO discounts!


The TOPO SPOTS are special and magical places, with additional comforts (hot water shower, fenced and safe spaces, electricity, activities, etc.) where you can stay overnight on your TOPO and enjoy your adventure to the fullest. In some of these TOPO SPOTS you will find activities and attractions for everyone, from trekking routes, horse or donkey rides, canoeing, bicycle tours, yoga centers, among others. We try to find a solution for everyone, starting from 7€ per day!


The TOPO PROGRAMS are predefined road trips, from 2 to 8 days and permanently accompanied by a guide, who will guarantee an outdoor experience with a cultural aspect, showing the best of Portugal in terms of history, gastronomy and nature. Always on your TOPO! Some of the programs also include activities, such as standup paddle, trekking, canoeing, all from 70 € per day!

      From north to south, from the west to the east coast, you have unique landscapes in Portugal that are really worth knowing … or dare you beyond borders!

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