Do you have questions about our service, its operation or other issues? Check the FAQs below and if you still have any doubts, please contact us.

● Increase the sleeping capacity of your camping car
● Sleep in the location of your choice
● Low cost lodging, cheaper than a camping car
● Greater comfort than with a traditional tent (wind and rain)
● Easy to install on any type of car
● Quick and easy setup
● Well above ground, far from insects and other animals
● Better view, comfort and ventilation than a traditional tent
● Unlike a convencional tent, you don’t need to select the ground where you will setup the tent. Any place you car can reach will do (rocks, mud, dust…)
● Leave the tent installed on your car and you will have a holiday home all year long wherever you want!

First of all, it is important to clarify that we suggest to camp in legal areas, and the Portuguese legislation must be taken into account. That is why we suggest the TOPO SPOTS & ITINERARY, which are legal spots where you can park your car and spend the night, different from the normal camping parks. Please, wherever you go, always respect the nature. In these selected TOPO SPOTS, you can rest and see the stars throw the roof window, wakeup near the river, sea or Mountain View.

Regarding the Portuguese legislation, the rules can change between each city, but must always be considered. There is also no legislation in Portugal concerning the presence of a person or persons inside parked vehicles. If a vehicle is lawfully parked in a public place, you can spend the night inside it.

The gift card is an exclusive discount voucher for payments on Topotents.pt. It’s a practical way of giving a fantastic experience to a friend or family member. A very unique gift that can be used at any time (expires in one year).

The gift card is acquired in our online store. The face value of each card corresponds to the maximum value that each user would have to pay for the advertised experience (e.g. 2Pax1Night = € 30).

Each gift card corresponds to a specific value (ex: 2Pax1Night = € 30.00). This amount can be used in any purchase or reservation on our site. For example, if you have received a 2Pax1Night offer card, which costs € 30.00, and you intend to make a 3Pax reservation of 3 nights (€ 96.00), you can use the balance of your gift card (by entering the code at the end of the reservation) – in this case your reservation would be 66,00 €.

Once you purchase the gift card we will contact you to find out who the gift card is addressed and on what date you want us to send it. Imagine that you want to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday – we send an email of congratulations along with the offer card (see here an example ) the day you indicate us.

Yes, you can buy a TOPO tent through our website or in one of our TOPO facilities.

You can use the following payment methods: ATM (payment reference), bank transfer (IBAN: PT50 0018 000346310884020 42), MB WAY and PAYPAL (VISA and MASTERCARD). Our payment system is provided by a safe partner.

We have clients that use TOPO service on a regular basis all year round, during weekends or longer periods. They travel to many destinations in Portugal, namely Costa Vicentina (southeastern coast), Gerês natural park, Alqueva (largest artificial lake in Europe), Sintra, Arrábida, just to name a few. Others travel abroad to places like Morocco, Sierra Nevada in Spain or Hossegor in France, among other possible destinations. The sky’s the limit but please be responsible, follow the rules and respect the mother nature!

For further suggestions and information please visit the Portugal Tourism website.

There are a thousand places where you can stay with your TOPO tent, but if you want to add some complementary details to your adventure, there are several places prepared to welcome you with additional comforts. We call them TOPO SPOTS & ITINERARIES. Magic places prepared to welcome you.

Just click here to find out where they are and plan your trip.

Yes, TOPO has an agreement with HERTZ, so that our clients can rent a JEEP with a TOPO rooftop tent installed. Just click here to see this solution.

Yes, we have two tents specifically for those who want to bring pets. We remind you that the tent should be delivered totally cleaned.

Yes, any brand will do if kept in good condition, well installed and with sufficient distance between them (70 to 80 cm). Regarding the cargo capacity of the racks, the general rule is to make sure that your rack has a Dynamic Weight Capacity of at least the weight of the tent. This is the weight that the rack can physically carry while the vehicle is in motion.

When the TOPO tent is setup and being used (parked vehicle), the tent weight plus the users weight is distributed not only by the vehicle structure (through the racks) but also by the tent ladder. This is known as Static Weight Capacity. In fact, this capacity is much higher, since the vehicle’s structure has to be much stronger in order to protect its occupants in case of accident or rollover. You can find more details on this subject in BARRAScompress.

When you arrive to your destination spot, the setup method is very easy and simple. You will be given setup instructions during the booking process. You will also receive additional training by our staff to clarify any possible doubts, while the TOPO tent is being installed on your vehicle. You can also watch our instructions on YOUTUBE!

With our climate, it is just a question of one blanket more or one blanket less.

Our TOPO tents are prepared for winds up to 80 km / h, however we only recommend its use up to 50 km / h (Force 6), always with the ladder oriented to the leeward (side where the wind runs) even in less windy conditions.

The TOPO service can provide you a flashlight with associated extra costs.

No. For safety reasons it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the tents.

Yes, all prices include VAT at the legal rate.

Yes, automatically, by email after payment is accepted.

TOPO has 2PAX tents (2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children) and 3PAX tents (3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children), according to your needs.

Yes you may reserve the tent for a single night.

Similar to a conventional tent, our TOPO rooftop tents allow for the installation of a simple padlock to ensure security while the tents are fully setup.

The TOPO service can provide you a portable shower, with associated extra costs.

You can have your TOPO tent installed or removed at any TOPO facility. This can also be done within a 20km radius from any TOPO facility, at an extra cost. To determine this extra cost, please send an email to info@topotents.pt.

Yes, it is possible to purchase a TOPO Damage Package. This is an optional “insurance” and can be used to cover possible damages that can occur on the tent, during your rental. If you buy this TOPO Damage Package, the security deposit is reduced from 150,00€ to 50,00€.

Beneficiary: TOPO client which as subscribed the accidental damage warranty

Accidental damages warranty provider: Jangada Campestre Lda

This warranty guarantees: Rooftop tent and accessories

Accidental damages warranty cost: 5,00€ for each day of tent use

Deductible: 50,00€

Accidental damages guaranteed till: 250,00€

Guaranteed accidental damages: Accidental damages to canopi; Accidental damages to telescopic stairs; Accidental damages to the tent cover.

Main exclusions: Theft, Loss, Fire and vandalism.

Yes, you can cancel your reservation However, the following associated costs will be charged:
● 25% of the total reservation amount, if canceled more than 30 days prior the installation day;
● 50% of the total reservation amount, if canceled between 10 to 29 days prior the installation day;
● 75% of the total reservation amount, if canceled less than 9 days prior the installation day.

Our hygiene seal certifies a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting procedure. This procedure foresees the vacuuming, wash and disinfection, aromatization and ventilation of each and every tent after check-out. During check-in, a bedding kit which includes a clean sheet, will be made available free of charge. During the rental period, the client is responsible in keeping the tent clean.

No. For safety reasons it is strictly forbidden to cook inside the tents.

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